Why these time stock market became Fashion ??

Updated: May 25

In 80's or 90's and 2000 the Bollywood was fashion now in this era stock market became fashion

in past few month I got so many calls from friends- they knows I am in stock market work so they only things said they want to trade in stock market or they want to invest in stock market

everyone is taking about stock market

if you said- you work in stock market they ask question what about bitcoin

how can i buy bitcoin ?

so many people

whenever they know someone that work in stock market they only said -they also want do

i want to take IPO because they have listen that this is IPO

why this happen ?

how stock market became fashion ?

why everyone talking about market ?

what will happen in coming time ?

let's understand the resign behind it

1) New data sagest that new D Mate account holder increases means retailer trader comes in market -why ?

everything was close in during lockdown but stock market was a essential part

so those who ware not doing they find option to make money .

2) New brokerage house come in market- they do there marketing in high level .

3) bitcoin - when people listen that in 2010 bitcoin was few dollar and 2021 bitcoin is more then 40lac $

4) Indian stock market became double in 1 year -nifty was 8000-in 2020 now it's 16000 -these data influence anyone.

5) when they listen about IPO stock like IRCTC get double this data can influence anyone.

6) when they listen about anyone those who get 5time 10 time of his price these data influence everyone.

7) marketing team -now these time everywhere talking about market -in YouTube , advertisement of D mate account for example cricket is sponsoring the upstox broking form

8) people are getting awareness from each other .

9) people are hurry to make money .

10) people are looking shortcut to make money.

11) unemployment.

12) this looks easier in advertisement because broker want to earn so broker will show easier.

These are few point sagest that why happen this -why everyone talking about market

What will happen in coming time ?

as always happen --

maximum time retailer come when market get boom

then start trading and investing and after sometime they get trapped because they can't stay in market for long time

when maximum people will come those who buy in lower level they will sell when institutional will start selling retailer will not stay -and they will go with loss

institutional will come in play again and buy the market

if market is getting to much down govt will come in play and there institutional will start buying because govt will never send to much down market -market is one of the indicator so govt will not make them so much time

in the end- institutional will come in play and

retailer will trapped

and there will be region to come done -

economical resign or scam or insider trading

retailer will trap new retailer will come when next time will get boom

but in all the situation someone do not loss anything--broker

they again do marketing open new D mate and again retail fight with intuition

1% or 2% will win remaining will go with loss


be happy


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