What Retailer of stock market should do ?

Updated: May 25

After reading past two blog -you all thing that

I am too much negative person

I have loss so much amount in this market that's why i am saying like this

but remember biased -we don't even listen second point of views till we loss everything then we show the empathy

batter to show empathy

try to show sympathy

learn from fact and other's mistake

otherwise will be to late

in this blog will discuss about what retailer should do

1) invest in there awareness-past two blog are related awareness

2) keep reading fact and data.

3) take heath insurance for your self and family .

4) if you wanted to come in stock market -come with intuitional- (Mutual fund) .

5) invest in gold/silver -as per right level.

6) invest in property as per your amount , don't forget liquidity risk.

7) bond or debenture.

8) if you wanna take more risk you can take good fundamental sound company for long term.

9) diversify your portfolio ( do not invest in single asset).

10) if you have children do the plan of there education marriage-some govt scheme are also good for example -Sukanya samridhi yojna .

10) if you wanna take more risk - want to do trading also then read all pro and cons do self analysis , do market analysis , come with small amount , keep inventing in your self before investing or trading in market , don't get addicted.

10) for all above point i would say


and invest in your self before investing anywhere

11) if you want to trade - learn first- 1) learn about market 2) learn about self analysis 3) learn about research 4) remember the type of retail trader be the mature and serious retail trader

12) if you want to trade -go with less less strategy use hedging for trading- use strategy like straddle, strangle etc

13) don't get addicted

in trading biggest problem is addiction

in coming blog will discuss about how we get addicted and how we can come out from

will tell some technique

14) avoid biased

Disclaimer :-

whatever above is taking about to diversified your portfolio and invest in these asset class that is not a recommendation -those you can discuss with your advisor or you can do your own research work.


be happy

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